Highest Prevalent Standards in Steel Production


Pasargad Steel Complex (P.J.S.) is a 100% privately owned company established in Fars Province in the vicinity of the historical city of Shiraz, encompassing an area of 300 Hectares. Our mission is to establish a completely integrated steel complex, starting from iron ore to finished quality steel products as per highest prevalent international standards.

The execution of the first phase of investment was begun in April 2009. The investment consisted of a complete melt-shop (EAF/LF/CCM) with a capacity of 1.5 Mtpy of steel billets using CDRI as feeding material. State of the art European equipment were procured in order for the plant to operate at highest efficiency and lowest energy consumption levels. Environmental concerns have played a major role in the plant design and selection of the equipment in order to ensure an environmentally friendly plant.

The melt-shop was commissioned in mid-2013, starting with production of construction grade steel. Since then we have dedicated a considerable portion of our capacity to production of low carbon steel for our various wire rod producing customers, switching from CCM open casting to closed casting as per steel grade. We shall be able to cover full range of alloyed steel by January-2019 once our 150t VD has been commissioned.

The second phase of investment is a complete upstream integration mega project including a Benefication plant (3.4 Mtpy), Pelletizing plant (3.4 Mtpy) and a Midrex® Mega-module hot-charge DRI plant (1.8 Mtpy). Execution of all three plants was started in March 2017 and as per current progress rate, the DRI plant shall be commissioned in April 2019 and other plants shall follow later in 2019.

We believe the expansion by investment in the state of the art equipment is necessary (which has and is being made at PASCO) but our core strength is owed to our extremely committed, driven and passionate team who strive for continuous improvement and dedication to team work.

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